Shynola: Coldplay “Strawberry Swing”

Interview with Shynola’s Chris Harding The following interview was a joint effort between Motionographer authors Lillian Darmono and James Wignall. Story All your music videos… Read more

Jonathan Jarvis and The New Mediators

Building on the success of his incredibly lucid and educational animation, “The Crisis of Credit Visualized,” designer/animator Jonathan Jarvis announced an interesting new venture, The… Read more

Click 3X Relaunches

Click 3X relaunches with a fancy video player and a grip of new work

Logan: NASA Project “A Volta”

Warning: This video contains strong language, simulated sex and violence. Might not be suitable for some environments. For the NASA (North America South America) Project’s… Read more

Modul: Diploma Project by Maxim Zhestkov

Young designer/director Maxim Zhestkov has just released his diploma project,  entitled “Modul.” Explains Maxim: “I’ve tried to reflect the universe in infinite confinement. Pulsating energy… Read more

F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival: Batch Two

As promised, here’s the second batch of films from the F5 RE:PLAY Film Festival, featuring work from Shilo, Pistachios and Superfad. Our sincerest thanks to… Read more

Dvein: F5 Titles

Dvein has consistently blown my mind with their diverse and staggeringly awesome body of work. When they agreed to create the title sequence for F5,… Read more

Atelier Transfert: Watch and Learn

One of animation’s greatest strengths is its ability to simplify complex systems for digestion by the widest possible audience. This is something Montreal based Atelier… Read more

Nike Running: Men vs. Women

In a spot that appeals to our competitive natures, agency 72andSunny launches an integrated campaign for Nike Running in Europe aptly titled “Men vs. Women.”… Read more

The Graveyard

And now for something completely different. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon The Graveyard, but I’m glad I did. Calling it a video game… Read more

Gary film interview

Could you explain a little about your story, it is very different from your ordinary coming of age short and it is certainly very tense… Read more

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

“Oh great, here comes Old Man Cone again, rambling about visual essays.” I know, I know, but I really do believe that when motion design… Read more