Q&A: Dark Noir

Maybe there's an approach to crowdsourcing that isn't creatively repulsive or ethically bankrupt. Here's how Red Knuckles, Rafael Grampá and Absolut worked with a few… Read more

The Games We Play Q&A

Watch Moto Watch Running Watch Fitness Watch Golf Questions: What was your process like at the concepting stage? Your films require the viewer to connect-the-dots… Read more

One Day On Earth

I’ve been watching this project evolve over the past few months and it’s scope and depth has grown to something worth noticing. As part of… Read more

Psyop/MassMarket Dissect Absolut

The PR-supplied Q&A with Psyop and sister company MassMarket sheds a little light on “Dissection,” their new advert for Absolut: What was the creative brief… Read more

A Doggy Bag from Supinfocom

[flv:http://motionographermedia.com/supinfocom/doggybag.flv 468 374] Three students from France’s Supinfocom school—Guillaume Cassuto, Thomas Moine and Sylvain Perlot—have produced another fine CG short in their school’s tradition of… Read more

GEL 2010 T&F Q&A

The original styleframe board which T&F presented. What was the brief for this piece, and how did you approach coming up with the concept? The… Read more

Head Over Heels

Nice take on an old theme in this short film by Timothy Reckart.

EMA 2012 by Sehsucht

Sehsucht brings the 2012 MTV EMA titles to life by crafting a 3D zoetrope, a fast-moving carousel that evokes the illusion of motion through a… Read more

The Eye of the Storm

Well, classes are over and my finals are all turned in. I’m pretty pleased with my progress this quarter, but I’ve got a loooong way… Read more