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From the creator:

We were approached by Wunderman Thompson DC to create an animated tv spot that visualizes the desolate journey of someone suffering with Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). It aired during a documentary on lung disease and its purpose was to target those who can relate. ILD is a terminal disease that is notoriously difficult to diagnose, and takes an emotional toll on those who are struggling to find answers. Lungs & You offers patients support, resources and guidance and greatly improves their outlook for precious remaining years they have left.

Our challenge was to create a character that the audience can relate to and empathize with. In the first few scenes he is alone in a drab and desolate place. Confused and frustrated by all of the different paths he could take, he pushes onward despite his struggle to breathe at times. A gentle breeze blows into frame and begins to lead him in the right direction for the remainder of his journey. This new personified companion represents the guidance of Lungs & You. As our character takes each step the breeze is always close by showing him the way. He is finally lead to a lush landscape that feels promising. His outlook is bright, and he's ready for the next chapter in his life.

It was important to us to show our character's vulnerable side, but never to the point of being pitied by the audience. He is struggling, but he persists. He stops for breaths, yet continues his journey to find answers and peace. He is worn down and tired, but his spirit keeps him strong. We chose to give him a an empowering hero pose near the end to inspire those who are still looking for their own diagnosis and to challenge them to keep searching for answers.
Agency: Wunderman Thompson DC
Studio: Cream studio
Executive Director of Animation: Amanda Russell
Director: Bruno Brasil
Illustration: Thiago Baggins, Daniel Chastinet and Cinthia Saty
Cel animation: Roberto Reis, Thiago Geremias and Bruno Curcino
2D animation: Amanda Russell
3D modeling: Nick Toro
3D animation: Andrew Garber
Lighting, Camera & Effects: Amanda Russell
Clean up: Denise Bargos, Ulisses Jucá, Taiza Nogueira anda Carolina Senra
Sound: Overcoast Music