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David Zamorano

Wanting to explore and visually capture those fleeting moments that bridge the gap between one state and another, Marcel Duchamp coined them as the “infra-ordinary,” those subtle, almost imperceptible nuances or distinctions that exist in the realm of experience, often beyond the boundaries of traditional definitions and easily overlooked.

MOOD 1: Enlightenment

Finding the answer to something important amidst total chaos. It might be a moment of realization, when suddenly everything makes sense, feels right, and perfectly connects. Not for long, though, as inevitably, you will find yourself in a new mess, searching for a new answer, path, or meaning.

MOOD 2: Relax

Perhaps rarer and more involuntary than we might think is the exquisite moment of real relaxation. Sensing a pause. That first moment you sit down and exhale after an endless walk, or those first milliseconds of refreshing yourself after being thirsty. A moment of contemplation, pleasantly feeling new connections in your brain, sensing satisfaction until it becomes normal again.

MOOD 3: Off

That state of disconnection from reality, often when tired, sleepy, or not fully conscious. You might hear strange or new sounds, maybe from your body, maybe from your mind. You space out, enter another state without knowing, fall asleep but dream you are still awake. Sounds get distorted, voices become distant and unintelligible. Then you slightly return to your senses, but if still tired or confused, you might fall back into this state again.


The initial idea was for each animation to loop and work as a solo piece or gif. As the different parts started to build into one cohesive piece, we decided to create a longer animation, presenting all three gifs connected, with titles and credits, as the “Mood” short film.

The creative approach aimed to navigate these blurry and dreamy feelings through 2D animation, representing each state through unique illustrations, color, and shape combinations. We ensured each Mood had its own style, world, and tone, but also worked together as a sort of ‘visual trip’ that might lead to yet another different mindset.



Direction: Smog & David Zamorano
Creative Direction: Moises Arancibia & David Zamorano
Storyboard: David Zamorano
Design: Sebastian Cifuentes, Abigail Maldonado , Sebastian Pinto
Animation: Alexis Lagos, Ignacio Meneses, Sebastian Platz, Catalina Borquez, Eduardo Garcia, Xavier Arancibia
Compositing: Moises Arancibia, Sebastian Platz, Alexis Lagos
Sound Design: Rocket Audio Studio


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