Keyframe Lab / Alex Deakin | A touch of Chemistry

Alex Deakin

We end the week with a touch of chemistry, thanks to Keyframe Lab! This innovative team has sparked a new inspiration by combining art and science in the field of motion design. The name itself, Keyframe Lab, evokes a sense of meticulous precision and creative experimentation, much like the intricate process of chemical extraction.

Inspired by this name, the team embarked on creating an extraction process that goes beyond the technical, infusing it with vision and aesthetics. The result is a brief but captivating introduction that not only showcases their skill in movement design, but also encapsulates the essence of their creative philosophy.

Each element of this introduction is carefully crafted to reflect the harmony between function and form. The visuals are striking and seamlessly combine fluid motion with eye-catching graphics, while the underlying concept resonates with the meticulous care and attention to detail characteristic of scientific endeavours.

This project is an example of how Keyframe Lab transforms simple ideas into visually stunning experiences, demonstrating its expertise in bringing concepts to life through movement. It is a shining example of how a little touch of chemistry – both literal and metaphorical – can lead to extraordinary results in the world of design.



Audio: Ruby Electric
Textures: GreyscaleGorilla
Models: Quixel

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