Gizmo Animation Studio Warpsands | Ghost Siege


The conception of this project is part of the vision of Ema Verruno, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Gizmo Animation, whom along with his partner: Andrea Bacigalupo, Co Founder & EP and after several years working for major Developers and Publishers in the Game Industry, decided to carry out this investment simply for the gratification of receiving a “touch to the soul”.

For a long time, we, at the studio, had been seeking the opportunity to bring to life ideas that come from identifying ourselves as gamers. Thus, the creation of Warpsands Ghost Siege was born as our first Intellectual Property. The narrative and look development are strongly supported by the hyper-realistic aesthetic of an FPS trailer. All elements—characters, weapons, visual effects, environments—were crafted from scratch, pursuing the dream of a director who is a fanatic of this video game genre.

The piece was created in Unreal Engine 5, we captured in real time with a fully developed environment and lighting. We used Nuke for compositing and most of the visual effects. Sergeant Douglas, in his role as main character, has been created implementing the use of Metahumans, leveraging facial capture functions to achieve realistic animation. Additionally, we made detailed adjustments to the texture, shaders and hair of the Metahuman to enhance its appearance and authenticity. During post-production, we performed color grading, added atmospheric effects, and incorporated particles. The final render, including lighting, came from the Unreal engine using pathtrace.



Executive Producer: Andrea Bacigalupo
Director: Emmanuel Verruno
Head of Production: Mariana Eisen
Project Manager: Bianca Scalercio
Recruiter/ General Production Coordinator: Eugenia García
Head of CG: Max Rocamora
Marketing & New Business Development: Carolina Montaño, Georgina Gebauer , Geronimo Verruno, Rodrigo Plasencia.
Art Supervisor: Fernando Sawa
Concept Artist: Rodrigo de la Vega, Fernando Sancho
Assets Supervisor: Mariana Irigaray
Asset Artist: Robert Guillen, Arturo Ramirez Acosta , Luis De Gennaro, Martin Pena, Edwin Pereda, Dominus Feles, Erick Tello, Joel Velasco
Rig Supervisor: Marcos Sanvitale

Environment Supervisor: Marcelo Maccarrone
Environment Artist: Pedro Sciammarella, Joaquín Angilello
CG Head: Max Rocamora
Pipeline supervisor: Max Rocamora
Lead Realtime TD: Lucas Martinez
Realtime TD: Christian Granados
Animation Supervisor: Federico Gimeno
Animation Artist: Favian Fregoso
Lead Animation TD: Nicolás Iturre
Animation TD: Fernando Balmaceda
VFX Supervisor: Alejandro Ruiz
VFX Artist: Julián Rodriguez, Francisco Valdes
Lighting Supervisor: Alejandro Ghio, Paolo Giordana
Lighting Artist: Axel Peruzzo,Denise Moor,Alexis Arko,Martina Verde
Composition Supervisor: Ignacio Arevalo
Composition Artist: Santiago Caffarena,Nahuel Acevedo,Milton Maguna
Lead Mocap TD: Nicolás Iturre
Mocap TD:Lucas Martinez
Mocap Capture Staff / ANIMAR Mocap (Tecnópolis)

General Production:
Mariana Eisen,Bianca Scalercio, Eugenia Garcia.
Sup Mocap Animation: Gabriel Peuser
Studio Manager & Mocap Operator: Christian Bayler
Previs and Mocap Operator: Alejandro Solari
Mocap Assitant & Postproduction Assistant: Julia Yeger
Mocap Production Coordinator: Marcelo Lirio
Mocap Production Assistant: Leo Basso
Mocap Assistant: Quique Gimenez, Martin Ortega
Cameraman: Jonatan Plat (Jota)
Making of Camera: Eugenia García
Stunts: Walter Gomez , Emmanuel Verruno, Geronimo Verruno.
Editora: Andrea Diepenbrock
SFX & Music Design Artist. Joaquin Gomez

Social Media:

LinkedIn: @gizmoanimationstudio
Instagram: @gizmoanimationstudio