UoU Studio IDENTITY V | Embers of Memory

UoU Studio

We are honored to receive the invitation from IDENTITY V to create a new plot expansion film

“Embers of Memory Part 1”. Starting from the clues of the story, we gradually advanced the exploration of space and dimensions, and continued to get closer to the final truth.



Client: 网易游戏 Joker工作室
Production Company: UoU studio
Director: 嘿轩
Executive Producer: Chiū
Producer: 像雨
Art Director: Chiū
Storyboard: 像雨 / 嘿轩
Layout: 嘿轩 / 像雨 / 二立方
Design: Nozo / 像雨 / YG / ColdBelly/ Heyzeem / 二立方
Model&Material: 5号赫伯特/ 二立方 / 嘿轩
Animation&Render&Composite: 嘿轩 / 5号赫伯特 / Millume / 二立方
VFX: Yululu / 正趣 / 5号赫伯特


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