Melt | Seeds of Change


The project is a brand film campaign created for the Seeds of Change brand, which we directed, designed, and produced. Contemporary still-life artistry showcases Seeds of Change’s commitment to eco-friendly and health-conscious living through their range of organic seeds and foods. Commissioned by BBDO San Francisco and masterfully executed by our award-winning team at Melt Dubai, this campaign highlights Seeds of Change’s passion for promoting healthy, eco-friendly eating by offering a wide array of organic seeds and foods.

The film unfolds through abstract, animated still-life metaphors, blending mixed media techniques to mesmerize viewers. Each scene is meticulously composed to mirror the balance and tranquility inherent in Seeds of Change’s products, serving as a visual celebration of the harmony between health and nature.

The brief allowed us to develop a bold and abstract campaign that truly resonates with the brand’s ethos. Our aim was to create a piece that not only entertains but also embodies the spirit of Seeds of Change. It highlights the beauty of balanced, organic living while captivating audiences with its unique visual and auditory experience, promising to engage and inspire with every frame.

In each scene, we explored the harmony between health and nature, featuring the core product ingredients.



Client: Seeds of Change
Direction, Design, Production: melt.
Director & Creative Director: Ibrahim Barakat
3D Design & Motion: Christoph Strohfeld, Oscar Beckmann, Rui Machado, Ahmed Farouk, Jose Gallardo, Jimmy Andersson
Assets: Ricardo Manso, Andrey Lavrishchev
Producer: Jessica Wall
‍Audio: Resonate Studio
Composer & Sound Designer: Rob Brinkworth
Additional Credit: Andy Cowtone

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(Instagram) @donebymelt