True Detective Season 2 Main Titles

Director Patrick Clair, Lead Animator/Compositor Raoul Marks and the rest of the team at Elastic strike again for HBO’s True Detective.  The title sequence for the first… Read more

Gretel: IFC Rebrand

We dive deep with Gretel's Ryan Moore into the process behind the IFC rebrand.

Lumbre: Sol Música

Lumbre brands Sol Música Channel with some good traditional animation.

PES for Het Klokhuis

PES strikes again, this time to create a title sequence for Dutch show “Het Klokhuis.”

Cyril Izarn: Canal Savoir

  Cyril Izarn has designed a series of idents for the French-Canadian TV channel, Canal Savoir (“Knowledge Channel”).

We Are 17: Kiss TV & BBC India

It seems like the guys over at London-based We Are 17 have been nice and busy lately, judging by these two amazing projects launched fresh… Read more

Superestudio Updates

Superestudio celebrates 10 years of life with a neat update!

Beeld Motion for Telecine

Awesome brand new rebrand of Brazilian movie channel Telecine by the newly born Brazilian mograph powerhouse; Beeld! Thanks, Byron and RR.

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A&P Beautiful TV

Some animated goodness for London based Accept and Proceed by Beautiful TV.