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The Human Touch

Human is the music and sound design studio behind the recently posted “Happiness Factory” spot from Psyop.

They’ve worked on some impressive projects, including a Sprite spot that was graciously sent my way some time ago by Katie Wilson, but which I allowed to slip unceremoniously through the cracks. I’m going to interpret its reappearance as an omen and take this opportunity to post the spot and a making-of feature.


The spot | Making-of video

Posted on 30 June 2006 |

9 thoughts on “The Human Touch

  1. cool spot. but when does the gay sex start? how about some hot chicks jumping in??

  2. Really cool spot. I dunno what you are talking about, there is plenty of gay sex.

    Oh wait that’s a popup.

  3. Oh it’s great to finally see a making of. Thanks for posting!

    “Good point. It bothers me that I didn’t think of it first…”

  4. anyone know the song that is in the background of the making-of?? its would help allot. I know its twista, im just looking for the song title