Nike Meta7


Take a look at this awesome animation for, you guessed it, Nike Japan. Illustrator Paul Huang, creator of Nanospore, teamed up with animators Chris Riehl and Sean Starkweather to create this playfully original, yet oddly familiar spot for part of Nike’s new viral campaign to promote the Nike Free Trainer 7.0, which gives you the power of flight and exempts you from noodle-bowl lines.

Big thanks to Alex at Neu Black for this

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  • Looks fantastic!.. but it doesn’t get the message out effectively. It just doesn’t speak to me, but then again, it’s intended for a different audience.

  • LRR

    Holly Awesome!

    Imagery great. Advertising, questionable. Animation, “Very NICE”

  • Holy wow puta madre qué chingonada! :D

    This made my day. Thank you!

  • KGB