MTV Movie Award Leftovers

Created for (and rejected by) MTV Movie Awards. This slice of genius was made by LA duo Fatal Farm (who also animated the recent Major Lazer video). MTV *NEEDS* stuff like this!

  • Jon Saunders

    amazing, too genius for the mass market i guess

  • monovich

    way more than a quickie. tell us more about it!
    I guess MTV was afraid to offend? Their loss, because now that this is out its going to go all over the internet and do for Fatal Farm what it could have done for MTV.

  • rothermel

    Really great stuff. Don’t forget to check out their (alternate) tv intros, always loved these…

  • heymaxvfx

    love it

  • Greg Herman

    Fatal Farm rules!

  • oddfew

    Give this puppy a couple of days… MTV will be kicking themselves.
    Too good!!

  • suprememoves

    The MTV of the 80’s would have taken this on without thinking twice.

  • ddd_dave

    love it :)

  • boatfisher

    some of the best work iv’e seen in a while. One of those things that make you say why didn’t I think of that. Sick. This gotta be a new trend now