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Avatar ‘video review’ : another viral mystery?

Today, a mysterious entity (under the alias ‘justlike itoldya’) emailed us this very well-executed home-video review of Avatar by a CG teenage ‘dogboy’ called Greg. He/she begged us to get to the bottom of this. So dear readers, can you help us solve this mystery? Who made this? Why? How? When?

Posted on 25 February 2010 |

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14 thoughts on “Avatar ‘video review’ : another viral mystery?

  1. I dunno who made this, but I love this comment on his page:
    Come work for us in London :-)
    Send your reel to Double Negative.
    Not kidding here.

    That’s how you do it, folks!

  2. Totally agree @ Peanut
    I saw that DNeg comment!

    This person don’t even need a reel. Creating 30 sec. of something like this…
    would have a lot of people knocking at the door. I don’t even have my own project and I want to knock :) I would like to hit up the artist. Hope we find out who it is…

  3. I feel obliged to share this with our readers:
    Bran DJ pointed out that Greg Mutt’s 2 subscriptions on youtube was to Avatar channel and to theamazingkryptobros.com; so we emailed the latter, asking for some info…

    The reply was:
    “Well I know about as much as you do! I don’t know Greg Mutt or know the origins of this video. Randy Cook is equally as baffled – he loosely suspects it’s someone from Weta who got their hands on an early rig of an AVATAR puppet. Because of the T Shirt worn by Greg Mutt, some armchair Sherlock Holmes’s have concluded it may have been produced Nth of San Francisco?”

    This is also posted on another forum here: http://www.hardcorenerdity.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2239098%3ABlogPost%3A94751 where one comment also raises the same suspicion regarding the link to WETA…

    the mystery deepens…

      • Thanks for sharing that with us, Paramountcell. latest on Lee Perry’s blog on CGsociety says:

        ‘Again, no it wasn’t anyone from Weta, or ILM or Digital Domain..

        was FaceRobot used?……. NO!

        was it more than one artist?……….. NO!

        a Viral Advert???…………. No way!

        I believe it was made just for fun! and because he could : )

        stay tuned to find out who it is ; )