Avatar ‘video review’ : another viral mystery?

Today, a mysterious entity (under the alias ‘justlike itoldya’) emailed us this very well-executed home-video review of Avatar by a CG teenage ‘dogboy’ called Greg. He/she begged us to get to the bottom of this. So dear readers, can you help us solve this mystery? Who made this? Why? How? When?

  • PeanutButter

    I dunno who made this, but I love this comment on his page:
    Come work for us in London :-)
    Send your reel to Double Negative.
    Not kidding here.

    That’s how you do it, folks!

  • http://www.easein.com Tyquane Wright

    Totally agree @ Peanut
    I saw that DNeg comment!

    This person don’t even need a reel. Creating 30 sec. of something like this…
    would have a lot of people knocking at the door. I don’t even have my own project and I want to knock :) I would like to hit up the artist. Hope we find out who it is…

  • http://www.ktx.ro ktx

    this is amazing :) I really wonder if that was made just for fun

  • http://bocamotion.tv Boca Ceravolo

    I have a feeling this is some viral campaign… Awesome nonetheless! :-D

    • http://www.mono-motion.com monovich

      agreed, and agreed.

  • http://www.liliandarmono.com Lilian Darmono

    I feel obliged to share this with our readers:
    Bran DJ pointed out that Greg Mutt’s 2 subscriptions on youtube was to Avatar channel and to theamazingkryptobros.com; so we emailed the latter, asking for some info…

    The reply was:
    “Well I know about as much as you do! I don’t know Greg Mutt or know the origins of this video. Randy Cook is equally as baffled – he loosely suspects it’s someone from Weta who got their hands on an early rig of an AVATAR puppet. Because of the T Shirt worn by Greg Mutt, some armchair Sherlock Holmes’s have concluded it may have been produced Nth of San Francisco?”

    This is also posted on another forum here: http://www.hardcorenerdity.com/profiles/blog/show?id=2239098%3ABlogPost%3A94751 where one comment also raises the same suspicion regarding the link to WETA…

    the mystery deepens…

  • Ruoyu1

    video on youtube is down.

  • http://www.oddfew.com oddfew

    hrrmm… yeah my vote is on a bit of in house work from WETA.

    mmmmm marrow bone.

  • isralien

    looks like motion capture to me. maybe its a test for that or something

  • http://www.kersenpit.eu Jurriaan

    cool, nice acting underneath!

  • paramountcell

    You should see this thread on cgtalk.com it has some info on it.


    • paramountcell

      Lee perry smith is mentioned he has already done some very impressive work.



      • http://www.liliandarmono.com Lilian Darmono

        Thanks for sharing that with us, Paramountcell. latest on Lee Perry’s blog on CGsociety says:

        ‘Again, no it wasn’t anyone from Weta, or ILM or Digital Domain..

        was FaceRobot used?……. NO!

        was it more than one artist?……….. NO!

        a Viral Advert???…………. No way!

        I believe it was made just for fun! and because he could : )

        stay tuned to find out who it is ; )


  • Ruoyu1

    looks like face robot