Cyriak layers it up for Eskmo “We Got More”

Ninja Tune taps fractal-layer-master Cyriak for Eskmo’s “We Got More” music video. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange…

Modern Times by BC2010

Cool futuristic independent project by BC2010 titled, Modern Times. Check out the “making of” video too. (Thanks Chris!)

Buck shows off Turbine-Free Wind Power

Buck helps explain the relationship between birds, bats, bees, and wind turbine technology… and the turbine-free solutions of the future.

Superestudio: “Inactivo”

Inactivo is the latest short film by Lamole, the B side of Argentinian Superestudio. It’s about a woodcutter’s brave journey through a gloomy forest of… Read more

Superestudio: “Inactivo”

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Mariscal’s Chico & Rita

At the Movies with Javier Mariscal; Michael Bierut on Design Observer about Mariscal‘s new animated feature, Chico & Rita.

Megaforce: Can’t Stop Me Now

Megaforce (El Nino) drops another banger and helps continue Parisian Music Video domination with “Can’t Stop Me Now” for Goose.