Airside London 1998-2012

It’s a sad day when one of your favourite studios decides to call it a day.

When I was studying my degree, Airside were one of the studios I really looked up to. With their bold use of colour and simple design, I saw them as a shining beacon of light within the ocean of the British creative industry.

Airside, it’s been a pleasure.

If you are in London you can see what looks to be one of Airside’s final talks on December 6th at See No Evil.


dominique elliott



Crazy. Seems like such a short lifespan for such a bad ass house.

Bran Dougherty-Johns

14 years? That seems like a long time actually. 

Lilian Darmono

we will always remember you and love you, Airside. 


Sad news. We saw them at Design Indaba South Africa and they were fab! Glad to hear its because they pursuing other ventures though, I guess we can watch this space for more greatness in the future …


What sad news. Airside spoke at Design Indaba South Africa a few years ago and they were really inspiring, we have followed them closely ever since. Good luck in their new ventures, I am sure we can watch this space for future greatness …

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