So long, Brett!

We don’t normally post industry happenings, but this one is personal.  After 28 years in the business, Brett Ashy announced today that he’s closing his shop,… Read more

Artist Profile: Sean McClintock

With nearly 20 years experience under his belt, Sean McClintock has done a little bit of everything.  From the early days of Flash during the… Read more

SXSW 2015 Gaming Awards

Working only with dots, lines and squares, Imaginary Forces’ Jeremy Cox and friends crafted a abstract homage to the history of video gamings for the… Read more

Imaginary Forces: The Bridge

Imaginary Forces’ Grant Lau directed this elegantly unexpected promo for FX’s second season of The Bridge.

Nando Costa: FITC Toronto 2013

Nando Costa takes entomology as a jumping off point for his FITC Toronto 2013 title sequence. Hat tip to Stash.

Alma Mater

Imaginary Forces alums Brian Mah, James Anderson and Kathy Kelehan have opened Alma Mater.

Julia Pott: Belly

Julia Pott (Hornet) is one of those rarities: an animation director with a unique voice who can actually make you feel something. The common denominator… Read more

AENY: December 2011 Meeting

AENY’s last meeting of the year will be on December 1 at 6:45 @ PS 41. Special guests: Jeremy Cox of Imaginary Forces and Ryan… Read more

Minivegas’ Twitter Visualizer for F5

Minivegas has taken many forms throughout their existence. Live-action, animation and VFX-driven work was their strength for years. However, they have recently been putting a… Read more

2011 Emmy Nominations: Credits Page

We’ll post full credit lists for the 2011 Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Main Title Design as they become available: Boardwalk Empire Length: :90 Description: Main… Read more