Andy Huang “Doll Face”

I first saw Andy Huang’s “Doll Face” about a month ago, and thanks to an email from Danny Yount, I was reminded of it recently.… Read more

New Trollback

Trollbäck+Company launches a new site!

Rafael Grampá

Rafael Grampá, Art Director / Concept Designer for Lobo has some really kick ass illustrations on his blog.

Now Look What You Did.

MAKE in Minneapolis, creates two new CG environmental PSA spec commercials, all for shits and giggles… and a good cause. Respect yourself. Respect your environment.… Read more

Erik Lauritzen: Last Best Hope

Erik Lauritzen created an engaging photo montage for a World World II documentary entitled “Last Best Hope.” The 2.5D technique isn’t new, but Erik’s execution… Read more


We’ve posted Mandarine24 before, and it appears they have a new site with some new work. I was a little slow to post this one,… Read more

Vitamin: New Reel

Vitamin has posted a fantastic new reel. As noteworthy as the work is the clever interplay between the audio and the visuals. It makes for… Read more

A52: Nike “See Square”

This one almost slipped past me. It’s elegant, subtle, full of beautiful compositions and smirking with clever details. (Square ripples. Rad.) With vfx by A52,… Read more

BNS Jeep, Part Two

Check out the second piece in Brand New School’s campaign for Jeep. A lot of times a project this large is tough to keep consistent… Read more