PES for Pivot

I can’t seem to get away from stop-motion. The latest from Anonymous Content’s PES for Pivot is full of his characteristic charm—a subtle playfulness that… Read more

PetPunk’s Spring Reel

PetPunk’s recently updated spring reel is chop full of interesting work. The most evident aspect of it though is the obvious lack of color. This… Read more

Punga does Zune

Creative collective Punga just added to the extensive list of art works for the Zune-arts project that was created and directed by 72andSunny. Their animation… Read more

Simon Robson: “Taking Liberties”

This is what I’m talking about. Or rather, what I already talked about at Offf Barcelona. Simon Robson (Nexus Productions) has created four brilliant animated… Read more

Chia Mercury

The Brothers Strause of Tight directed this very well thought out and executed spot for the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The spot entitled Tree is heavy… Read more

The Old Man and the City

Psyop and their sister company, MassMarket, collaborated on a very polished and imaginative spot for the French manufactured car, Renault. The spot, entitled Fisherman, is… Read more

Amautalab: Tokyo.Now

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped by Amautalab’s site, and it looks like they’ve updated since my last visit. I’m particularly keen on the… Read more

Motion Horror

This trailer for the short film, Missing Pages, by Jerome Olivier, is an example of beautiful horror. Each shot looks to be a gorgeous study… Read more