Hyungkoo Lee deconstructs cartoon characters

Paleontological character studies in motion: Hyungkoo Lee expands upon Michael Paulus’ work by deconstructing beloved cartoon characters in three dimensions (via Michael Sporn)

Prologue: RockNRolla Titles

Prologue Films‘ Danny Yount is back with the main titles for Guy Ritchie’s upcoming film, RockNRolla. The look combines some fantastic comic book-style character illustrations… Read more

Stuart Langfield for MTV

Stuart Langfield recenty updated with some new work for MTV and MTV2. I’m loving the bumpers for The Stew, which feature some fantastic sound design… Read more

Darksiders Trailer

Darksiders Trailer looks pretty hot. (Thanks, Jiaren!)

Latest Suspect

New site and work from NY’s Suspect


The registration deadline for ANIMAC 2009 is the next September 30th

Mark Coleran’s reel

Mark Coleran’s (last?) reel is up in HD glory on Vimeo (Thanks, Jim!)

Build Design & Pritt

Everyones favourite designer, Michael C Place, is filmed creating artwork to promote Pritt’s new correction roller. Some behind the scenes shots can be found here!

Eyeball: Project Earth

Eyeball recently posted some new work, including a svelt promo for the Discovery Channel’s “Project Earth.” The look of the spot is a welcome departure… Read more

Mainframe VFX Reel

Some pretty things on Mainframe’s new VFX reel.