Laurie Thinot for Autokratz

Laurie Thinot of Partizan Lab, directs this energetic music video for Autokratz. This is the kind of visual storytelling I am envious of. Laurie keeps… Read more

Waltz with Bashir

  Waltz with Bashir; a unique feature length animated vision of a man’s true experience in the Israeli Army during the 1982 Lebanon War. Absolutely worth seeing.

Novaya Zemlya Title Sequence

Art of the Title is hosting a gritty title sequence for Novaya Zemlya that’s full of 2.5D magic


Command+Z, produced by motion design students at Art Center College of Design

Omega Code

The Omega Code is coming. Track it on the social network of your choice.

Rex Box – Grip Wrench

I’ve been waiting for this ever since I saw early artwork on the Rex Box (Rex Crowle) blog, Hairyteeth (By the way, you may know more of Rex’s… Read more