Amsterdam DNA revisited

There has been a surge of motion media on the museum-going experience as of late — which will be elaborated on in a later post… Read more

Trizz & Dvein for Enel

Trizz and Dvein join forces to create a striking concept for these two spots: Stone and Hammer.

“A Shadow of Blue” Credits

original post Written and Directed by: Carlos Lascano Producers: Carlos Lascano – Paula Lema – Alexandre Charlet – Jonathan Hazan. Original Music: Alex Conrado Line… Read more

Jeremy Macedo: POLYPOUS

Check it out this brilliant traditional animation directed by Jeremy Macedo with support of Akama Studio and his talented friends – POLYPOUS.

Aardman: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

New Aardman, classic form.  Check out this behind-the-scenes featurette of the upcoming film, The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Adrian Dexter: Vaesen

Adrian Dexter and a very talented team of fellow students have just completed Vaesen, their 2012 Bachelor film project for The Animation Workshop. Vaesen is… Read more

Animade Lernz

Good morning! Here’s some tiny tutorials from London-based Animade to makes you smile and enjoy the simple magic of animation. Check out the whole series… Read more

DANIELS: The Shins’ ‘Simple Song’

It’s no secret we’re thrilled by DANIELS’ storytelling and epic visuals. The duo’s new promo for The Shins’ “Simple Song” cleverly tackles an inherent music… Read more

Brand New Awards Deadline Approaches

Deadline for Under Consideration’s Brand New Awards is March 2nd. Categories include a Logo Animation category (among others). Go go go!

Frans Schupp for VARA

Incredible series of idents designed by Frans Schupp in 1982 for Dutch public broadcaster VARA.  Schupp’s intern Robin Noorda (now an independent animator) recently restored… Read more