Everything I Can See From Here

The Line pull together an impressive team to bring us an eerie and beautifully crafted tale of misadventure.

#VFX Town Hall: Facilities

4/26/13: Join a one hour round table discussion from the VFX facilities’ points of view. Streaming online here at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern/9pm London/9am New Zealand.

The Fox And King: 11Eleven

Melbourne-based The Fox And King (aka Glenn Thomas) created these short scenes for the 11Eleven Project. Like some of the projects cited in our recent… Read more

Shen Jie: Run!

Shanghai-based Shen Jie explores a series of associations in Run!. Note: A couple of the associations are NSFW. For those of you sensitive to strobing,… Read more

Nando Costa: FITC Toronto 2013

Nando Costa takes entomology as a jumping off point for his FITC Toronto 2013 title sequence. Hat tip to Stash.

Nicolas Devaux: 5m80

“5m80” directed by Nicolas Devaux explores the secret lives of giraffes. Produced by Cube Creative Productions & Orange.

Eran Hilleli: ING “Numbers”

Tel Aviv-based Eran Hilleli directs a lovely realization of illustrations by The Project Twins. Made with Avi Yani, Or Bar El, Lior Ben Horin, and… Read more

Peter Lowey: Gotye “Save Me”

Melbourne-based Peter Lowey takes me back to the classic Liquid Television days in his music video for Gotye’s Save Me. Credits Directed and Animated by… Read more

Adobe · CMO by VeracityColab

How awesome is it to see amazing simple shapes moving just beautifully? Quite awesome. Adobe CMO Explainer by VeracityColab is a must watch, and it was… Read more

Moniker: Do Not Touch

Amsterdam-based Moniker (Roel Wouters, Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey) have created a Do Not Touch – a crowd-sourced music video for Light Light’s Kilo. “After 50… Read more

Plenty: NICK ID’s

New stuff from Plenty! With these ID’s for NICK, they have created a nice “handmade look” combining frame-by-frame animation and 3D. You can check out more… Read more