AENY: May 30, 2013

AENY meets this Thursday, May 30 with Senior AE Product Manager Steve Forde and all things Creative Cloud AE. Sign up here.

Famefamous: Singular “Revoke”

A lot of nice moments in this rotoscope music video for Singular “Revoke” by Bangkok-based Famefamous (aka Nitcha Tothong)

Podcast: The Collective

Ash Thorp has been busy. In addition to banging out amazing design and illustration work, he’s launched a podcast, The Collective. The third episode, featuring… Read more

Buck & Antfood for ChildLine

A heartbreaking and skillful tour-de-force from the west coast Buck office. With an emotive score by Antfood this piece tackles the difficult subject of child… Read more

See No Evil June

June 4th is almost upon us which means it’s nearly time for See No Evil’s! This time we are joined by VFX aficionado’s Analog Studio.… Read more is focused on showcasing outstanding television marketing and promotions work. Looks interesting. “Moving In”

Lots of nice details in this commercial for I also loved’s previous spots, directed by Michael Langan, We Are Art and artCircles.

Making Glass Cows

From solid block to glass cow with milk inside — a quick look at the process.

Renaud Hallée: The Clockmakers

Montreal-based Renaud Hallée creates music-centered short films and interactive projects. We’ve previously featured Combustion, Gravity and Sonar. In Renaud’s new film, The Clockmakers, trampolinists trigger… Read more

Jon Saunders updates!

NYC based Director / Designer Jon Saunders updates his web presence with the usual amazing work!

Rest in Peace: Ray Harryhausen

R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen, whose creatures delighted and inspired so many of us. Video hat tip to Mashable.

Ronda: Nick IDs

Estudio Ronda is back with these awesome funky characters for Nick! Impossible not to love it!

Holbrooks: Red Cross “Parcel”

Holbrooks (aka NYC and Budapest-based Tom Brown and Daniel Gray) for the Red Cross. Original music and sound design by Antfood. If you’ve never seen… Read more

Dvein: The Vein/Magma

Dvein is back with this brilliant liquid inspired music video for The Vein’s new single: Magma. And here you can see the process behind this incredible… Read more

NYC Mograph May Meetup

NYC Mograph May Meetup, Tuesday, May 7th, 8pm @ Sweet & Vicious.