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Taehoon Park

From the creator:


Humanity, who has always been pursuing perfection, has continued to develop machines. However, machines continue to develop on their own and build '0110', a more complete digital world that resembles the human world. However, machines that value only efficiency reduce unnecessary things one by one in the human world, and humanity eventually perish. And, eventually, the digital world gradually returns to its original form, that is, a form similar to a computer chip.
However,'H-6', the only survivor who gained eternal life by grafting his body and machinery. He try to escape from the tyranny of ruthless machines by using his cloned human'DH-6'.

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Designed and Directed by Taehoon Park
Score by Echoic


Special Thanks
Sungjoo Jung, Gryun Kim, Woosung Kang, Ihsu Yoon, Yongsub Song, Jeff Han, Jigoon Roh, Ilya Abulkhanov, Victor Jory, Maxim Goudin, Jan Sladecko


Cinema4D, Redshift, Aftereffects, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush

This film is a part of online format exhibition 'Asymmetry'. https://asymmetry.tv/ led by Gryun Kim
Asymmetry title sequence: https://vimeo.com/379204811