Two font films from CollegeHumor

Two fun—and decidedly nerdy—font films from CollegeHumor: Font Conference and Font War (Thank you, Tanja!)

The Lost Tribes of New York City

As someone who has an intense love-hate relationship with New York, this sweetly animated film from Andy and Carolyn London tugged hard on my heartstrings.… Read more

8-bit Waterslide

Tea&Cheese mixes stop-motion animation and 8-bit graphics in 8-bit Waterslide (Thanks, Kris!)

The Silicon Monster Hits Town

boolab’s Nico Casavecchia envisions The Silicon Monster Hits Town for the Teaserland Festival

Adrenaline Lemmings

Animation test for series of original shorts created by JP Vine with Alex Orrelle at Crew 972

Warp Whistle

This is cute (in a nerdy way): Mario warps himself to the big city in Warp Whistle (Thanks, Erik!)

Be Amazing!

Destroy civilization with nanotechnology in six amazing steps

Valerie Pirson : Coca-Cola “Two Guys”

Partizan’s Valerie Pirson (commercial reel) put her analogue sensibilities to good use in this chuckle-worthy spot for Coca-Cola and agency Weiden+Kennedy Portland. Using a grab-bag… Read more