Mutado: 55DSL Heavy Printing Zoo (NSFW)

[NSFW] Bunny orgies. Beavers doing lines. Bambi licking a toad. That’s wild life, baby. It’s also Mutado’s newest video for 55DSL, “Awesome.”

Romain Seguad: Les Zarbs

Co-produced with Canal+, Chez Eddy’s Romain Segaud directs Les Zarbs, a series of 52 3-minute episodes about the surprisingly social lives of plants.

Dino Muhic: No Idea

Created as his final project at University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Dino Muhic’s “No Idea” is a stream of consciousness struggle with writer’s block.


“Muzorama” is a disturbingly surreal trip into the work of French illustrator Muzo

Superfad Sprint NOW campaign continues

Following up on their previous work for agency Goodby, Silversteing and Partners, Superfad worked with Anonymous Content’s Andrew Douglas on four new Sprint spots.

Challenge Your World: Mainframe

Mainframe’s “One Day…” is the latest film in the Challenge Your World 20/20 series, brought to you by Motionographer and Challenge Your World. What’s Challenge… Read more

Mesai: Alarm

I gotta be honest, the real reason I was first attracted to Mesai’s “Alarm,” was for its beautifully soft lighting and rendering. On second pass,… Read more

Evian “Roller Babies”

Get ready to see this viral for Evian everywhere you turn. Making of and more info. (Thanks, Gabriel!)


The Wagglemax Zombocalypse Survival Kit

Chez Eddy: Bru

Brilliant character animation and art direction in this twist on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Eleven Roses

E1even Roses, a short film of unrequited love. Credits and more details.

Sarah Laufer: Teleachat

Supinfocom student Sarah Laufer created this whimsical one-minute animation as an exercise during her first year. It pops with personality and shows off Sarah’s fine… Read more

Europride: “Pufff”

Sometimes a great project comes your way, and you know you’ve just got to do it—budgets and deadlines be damned. That’s how London studio The… Read more

Zombies vs. Vampires

Franz M. Palomares created this cute tale of supernatural love while learning Maya at NYU

Supinfocom: Cafe Serre

School’s out at Supinfocom, and the end of year projects keep rolling in. Everything we’ve seen so far is astounding, and “Café Serré” only adds… Read more

David Ochs: “Who’s Hungry?”

Our friends over at Cartoon Brew posted this gory re-telling of Hansel and Gretel from first-year CalArts student David Ochs. (It’s fairly bloody, so if… Read more