Syndrome Studio gets radioactive

Syndrome Studio gets radioactive with this new production of Imagine Dragons. As Monica Blackburn puts it: “who doesn’t like puppets and Lou Diamond Philips??”

Classic Quickie: Jim Henson Commercials

Motionographer Classic Quickie: Jim Henson’s surreal commercials for Wilkins Coffee, Linit Fabric Finish, Pak Nit RX, and the lovable LaChoy Dragon. Spotted at AMMI’s Jim… Read more

DANIELS: Weetabix “Dancer”

A cute little girl takes a bite of her Weetabix breakfast. That’s the usual cue to dive into the bowl for a cereal-inspired world of… Read more

This is TIE

Attention disgruntled creatives: TIE is here! Courtesy of Joseph Mann.

Cicada Princess

Eagerly anticipating the emergence of Mauricio Baiocchi’s Cicada Princess

Ben & Julia: Dove Nets

Updated with Q&A A couple of weeks ago I posted a music video by Ben & Julia for The Main Drag‘s song ‘Dove Nets’. Ben… Read more

Ben & Julia: Dove Nets

Quirky labour-intensive piece by Ben & Julia for The Main Drag‘s song ‘Dove Nets’ More info and credit list on the official site here.

Psyop Delivers for UPS

Weeks ago, we quickied “Gladiator,” the first of an ongoing campaign for UPS, due to the staggered release dates of the remaining spots. While additional… Read more

Sacha Feiner reignites Gremlins fans’ lust

Sacha Feiner reignites Gremlins fans’ lust with an incredible Gremlins 2 “Film Break” Alternate DVD Version (and don’t miss his Making Of video!)