Stefan Schomerus: Plywoodpirates

Here’s one thing I learned from school: Stop-motion animation is hard. Damned hard. Not only does it come with all the normal challenges of character… Read more

Yankeegal : Full film with Q&A

Heads up, boys and girls. The full version of this Supinfocom student film is finally available to us online, after having toured these festivals, and… Read more

Hemlock by Tyson Ibele

Recently, Tyson Ibele emailed me about his new film ‘Hemlock’ for CG Society’s Steampunk Myths and Legends 3D challenge. I thought it was amazing and… Read more

“Oktapodi” Back Up

After being offline while it made the festival cirtcuit and drummed up enough support to get nominated for an Academy Award, the wonderful “Okatpodi” is… Read more


I hate Lisa, but I love this short (Thanks, Ryan!)

Bastien Roger: Milk

Bastien Roger’s “Milk” is a surreal tale of identity, culture and confusion


Command+Z, produced by motion design students at Art Center College of Design

Bastiaan van Rooden: Border

Vancouver Film School student Bastiaan van Rooden put his character animation skills to the test in his short film, “Border,” which required Bastiaan to pump… Read more

Cocoe: Psycho Typograph

Take a twisted tour through type with this stop-motiony short from Cocoe

Galactic Mail

Supinfocom alumni Asterokid (Douglas Lassance) and Motraboy (Jonathan Vuillemin) teamed up to create an intergalactic space race that pits FedEx against UPS. Produced by The… Read more

Michael Glen: Latte?

For Michael Glen’s final project in animation and interactive media at RMIT University Australia, he developed a unique and quirky look for his short film,… Read more

“Lunar Eclipse” by Jens Blank

“Lunar Eclipse” was created by Jens Blank for his BA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. Check out the concept art, too.

“Note To Self”

“Note To Self,” created by Gera Frascaroli for his Masters in Digital Media

Daniel Pomares González “Emotions”

VFS student Daniel Pomares González created “Emotions” as his final project. Includes a nice vfx breakdown at the end of the film.

Jonas Odell: Lies

Filmtecknarna’s Jonas Odell has been a distinctive voice in the world of motion design ever since his 2004 hit video for Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me… Read more

Max Hattler + Jemapur: Aannaatt

Director Max Hattler teams up with Japanese electronica artist Jemapur to create Aanaatt, a stop-motion experiment in “analog futurism”

Kim Leow: “Emily”

Sheridan College student Kim Leow’s “Emily” is a macabre tale chock full of expressive character animation and fantastically realized set designs.

Alex Turvey relaunches

Desiger/director Alex Turvey launches a new site with loads of work

Yonny Zafrani: Answering Machine

While at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Yonny Zafrani discovered a new muse: his answering machine. This short film takes actual recorded calls… Read more