Humble / Hydra: Humunculus

Humble‘s in house directing collaborative Hydra gives us the best reason to put your leftovers in Tupperware this holiday season.

The Father

The Father is a new short film by Sticky Monster Lab, a collective of three artists from Seoul, South Korea. Presented in a split-screen format… Read more

Tim Bollinger: Between

Hot off the festival circuit, Tim Bollinger of Via Grafik recently shared his latest short “Between” with us. This dark, surreal piece travels through grounds… Read more

Jarrett Conaway: Turbo

Perhaps this official description sums it up best: “Turbo is a high adrenaline short film in the tradition of The Karate Kid and Tron.” The… Read more

Urs Trailer

Stunning visuals in the trailer for Urs. (Don’t miss the Artwork section.) Via CGSociety.

Bif for The Mill: “Dix”

The Mill’s renowned directing trio, Bif, has conceived a dark and eerie short-film in Dix. Dix, which is French for “ten,” highlights Mark, a tortured… Read more

Supinfocom Arles: Miam!

Supinfocom Arles students take us on an action-packed ride through candy land in “Miam!” Making-of video on the Miam! site.

Kansas City Art Institute: Dried Up

Lovely, desolate ambiance in “Dried Up,” a short film from Kansas City Art Institute students Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury and Isaiah Powers.