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On my way to class?

Well, school has definitely begun. It’s my first week, and already I’m snowed under. I won’t let that keep me from making a quick post here, though.

Charlie Company: Court TV "RED"
Great camera moves and strong compositions make Charlie Company’s spots for Court TV’s RED campaign excellent viewing. They really did a great job adding a new dimension to the "ready-made" sound design of the featured shows.

On the Charlie Company site, go to Recent Developments > RED to see the spots.

Brian Sensebe
Brian Sensebe’s reel has a lot of nice work in it. I especially like the animated, marker-drawn sequences near the beginning.

I noticed some Mun2 work in there. I wonder if he worked with Chris Palazzo on that stuff…

Play Airways: MTV
Play Airways has concocted a bevy of IDs for MTV’s new Canadian station.

I’ll admit the graphic techniques used in these are a little familiar, but I like the element of the unexpected in each spot. You never know exactly which piece of the image is going to disassemble itself and spray forth its life force. I also like how the ambient sound design gets incorporated into the rhythmic second half of each piece, unifying the still image with the branded graphics.

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National Television updates with 3 new pieces

As you all know, we really dig Nationals’ work. They’ve update with 3 new spots, which is surprising – I thought they would have still been partying after winning best showreel, & 3rd in best spot in the Tween Awards (That was poor sarcasm, I apologize).

Arnold NYC – Take 5 “Taste and believe”
National has completed a more tradition commercial spot this time around, but it has that warped sense of National humour pervading it. Its fast & funny, and the voiceover really makes it work. I dig Nationals’ over-the-top end super too.

Nike Mecurial Vapour “Naja”
I was?nt a fan of this spot until the drop of venom hangs from the fang of the cobra – that was beautiful. Even still, it feels a little drawn out to me. The write-up on the national site does a better job of explaining the rationale behind the cobra than I will, so check out what they have to say (Actually, that goes for the other spots too).

Nike Holiday “Heritage”
This is the pick of the lot as far as this update goes in my opinion. As mentioned in their own synopsis, it looks like it must be fun to go to town with a brand history as rich as Nikes. I really hope there is, or will be, a series of these, it’s so retro it hurts. The character animation and visual style reminds me a little of Shynolas’ flat-shaded 3d work, or maybe its just the inanimate objects with legs that makes me think that way.

Visit National to view all

Once again, we like to hear what you think – leave your comments below. Oh, and stay tuned, I think Justin has another monster post coming up.

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Stash 19 is out

Stash 19 is out

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Seeing Double

I seem to have a thing for posting in pairs lately. Weird.

Jake Portman & Bill Sneed: The Forest in Winter
There might be something wrong with Jake Portman?s mind. This is good news, of course. As long as keeps making movies like his latest creation, ?The Forest in Winter,? I wholeheartedly encourage the further deterioration of his sanity.

You might remember Mr. Portman?s excellent ?Rainy Day Fun for Children Ages 6 and Up,? which was nominated for a 2005 Tween Award ?The Forest in Winter,? a collaborative project with Bill Sneed, makes ?Rainy Day? look pedestrian by comparison.

I won?t spoil the fun by trying to disassemble the piece. Just watch it. You’ll see.

David Holm
David Holm, a Senior Designer for FAD NYC, has some nice moments in his reel. I like the grungy aesthetic; it’s a nice change of pace and it fits well with the music. I only wish the soundtrack was a little more dynamic; it’s repetitive nature draws attention to its own monotone character.

Speaking of FAD, congratulations to Eric Edwards, a recent SCAD graduate who’s been hired at FAD’s Seattle office.

I predict that FAD is on its way up, and I’m going to keep them blinking on my radar. If I’m wrong, please publicly ridicule me. I love that.

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Tokyoplastic Presents

Another lovely sound driven 3d vector animation by Tokyoplastic. This one has to be my favorite, I’d buy a vinyl toy of this little fella real quick! Tokyoplastic is also looking to expand, if you got skills and are interested in being a part of the team in London, click here.

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Shadowplay: Thank You for Smoking

Shadowplay: Thank Your for Smoking
Check out Shadowplay’s opening titles for the upcoming film Thank You for Smoking.

Excellent typography, great palletes, a strong command of tabacco packaging vernacular (no, seriously!) and spot-on pacing all combine to make this a really solid piece of work. (And I love the music.)

Incidentally, Shadowplay also created a promotional video for Otis College of Art and Design that I remember being impressed by when I was shopping around for schools a while back.

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