Motionographer Podcast: Making “Anomaly”

Set against the space-race canvas of the 1960’s, Anomaly is inspired by the traditional Christmas Nativity and explores, through a modern-day lens, the events of two-thousand years ago. It is a story about relationships that intertwine around an unprecedented astronomical event, as a couple navigate life’s realities at a time of unfathomable significance.

The beautiful and ethereal film was helmed by Dan Difelice and Salomon Ligthelm. The film’s titles and posters were designed by Byron Slaybaugh. The ambitious film began as a mood reel pitched to Kickstarter to raise the funds to produce their vision. The two filmmakers initially set out to make a 3 to 5 minute film, and 3 years later wound up with a near feature length epic.

Motionographer sat down with Dan and Byron to discuss the long short film that clocks in at 37 minutes—yet it’s completely worth those 37 minutes of your time, trust me.

I highly recommend you watch the film before listening to the podcast.

Anomaly (full length)

Additional Content & Show Notes

The pitch that started it all

Behind the Scenes

VFX Reel

Posters designed by Byron Slaybaugh

Titles designed and animated by Byron Slaybaugh


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Brian is a designer, drawer, director, and dad based in the perpetually weird city of Austin, Texas.

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  • Wael

    Great great great film ! Beautifully done.

  • Kyle


  • Jakob C

    The film is awsome. One of the best sci-fi short films i’ve seen. BUT the intro is pretty much a copy of Godzilla 2014 isn’t it?

  • andrei tarkovsky

    these people don’t know film. they only look into modern filmmakers.

  • Don Henly

    Looks amazing!! Congrats guys!!

  • Great work!