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How Beer Goggles Work

Leftchannel busts out its traditional animation chops in “How Beer Goggles Work,” a chuckle-worthy visual essay for Men‚Äôs Health magazine.

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Modern Love: Fight or Flight

As her relationship with her boyfriend was coming to an end, the writer Sarah L. Courteau grasped for a moment of tenderness between them in “Fight or Flight,” the latest installment for NYTimes’ Modern Love animated series.

The mixed media approach uses collage, rotoscoped live action, cel animation and CG to create a unique, endearing look. The team behind it, Reanimation, is a collective of 4 directors, graphic designers and musicians based in Paris and Brussels.

Watch it “Fight or Flight” on NYTimes.

For more on the New York Times Modern Love animation series, check out this post.

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Art&Graft: “Trip” The Virgin Atlantic Safety Film

Long ago, Virgin Airways embraced the simple fact that no one pays attention to the poor flight attendants as they drone on mechanically about oxygen masks and flotation devices.

Why not use that time to share something genuinely entertaining, something that communicates the necessary safety information and conveys the playfully chic persona of the Virgin brand?

Take a Trip

The latest in Virgin’s flight safety film series, “Trip,” comes from Art&Graft. At over 5 minutes long, it’s an ambitious project. But the premise behind the film gave the team essentially unlimited creative freedom.

At the film’s opening, a drowsy passenger slips into a dream state while the flight attendant recites her safety spiel. We follow the passenger through a series of surreal vignettes inspired by genres of film, everything from sci-fi to westerns. Each scene communicates a core safety tip before moving on to the next unexpected scenario.


Art&Graft shares a bit of their process on their website:

To bring our ideas to life, the A&G team combined an illustrative approach with exciting 3D and 2D animation techniques. All the character animation was produced using a traditional frame-by-frame technique ‚Äď very labour intensive, especially when creating a 6 minute film, but the results look beautiful and are extremely rewarding!

Elements throughout the film were modelled in 3D; allowing us to ’wrap’ our illustrations around these models to keep the illustrative feel yet giving the scenes fantastic depth and space. This allowed all the camera angles to be planned out and ensure the 2D characters could then be animated in each scene with the addition of further textures and casted shadows.

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Giant Ant: Men’s Health Magazine “How a Protein Becomes a Muscle”

Follow ingenious peptides through a visual essay explaining how muscle mass is created in the human body. Illustrations by the inimitable Mike McQuade, directed by Giant Ant for Men’s Health magazine.


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Fraser Davidson: A Guide To American Football

UK-based Fraser Davidson’s latest, “A Guide To American Football,” is a hilarious distillation of one of America’s most beloved pastimes.

In the same spirit as his previous sports-related work, “Irritable Bowl Syndrome” and “Alternative Rugby Commentary,” Davidson mixes whip-crack wit with equally clever visuals to inform and entertain broad audiences with devilishly good design and motion.

In the case of “A Guide To American Football,” Fraser not only designed and animated he everything, he wrote it, too. That, my friends, is the triple threat in this business. Impressive.

Oh, and rumor has it that Davidson completed this project in about two weeks. Wow.

Voiced by Adventures in Design podcast. All sound work by Morgan Samuel.

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Animation for a Cause

Nicely timed with the giving season, Mexico City-based designer/animator Yaniv Fridman has launched Animation for a Cause, a nonprofit dedicated to creating short explanatory motion graphics projects for social causes that need a voice. All for free.

Animation for a Cause acts as a matchmaker of sorts, pairing up charities with studios and individuals who get paid to design, animate, narrate and create sound design the projects. The money comes from donations to Animation for a Cause.

Nonprofits wishing to have their message animated apply online and submit a script of roughly 180 words. Then, Animation for a Cause’s board reviews the submissions and chooses which one to produce. The more funds on hand, the more they can produce.

So far, Animation for a Cause has produced two videos, including the introductory video above, directed by Yaniv Fridman.

The second video for Fundaci√≥n Ofakim’s Child Care Center was directed by Sebas & Clim. Flow Audio handled music and sound design for both projects.

Both videos sport a clean, flat aesthetic that’s become popular for so-called “explainer” videos on the web. The animation whisks the viewer from concept to concept with cascading visual metaphors and silky transitions.

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beeple: Transparent Machines

transparent machines
beeple’s provocative short film, “Transparent Machines,” posits that if we want to blame anyone for lack of privacy online, we should start with ourselves.

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