The Move Is Complete… I Think

Hey, everyone. We should be on the Media Temple Grid now. Woo hoo! If you discover any weirdness, please let me know.

In Last Place? Nowhere near.

In Last Place is the work of Kaori Sohma, formerly of VH1 and Lifelong Friendship Society. All her work for television, print as well as… Read more

save the cheerleader…

woops… wrong earth ending issue. click3x, MTV and Dr. Octagon, attempt to save the planet. Whilst the whole thing is riding the thin line of… Read more

Gone Fishin’

“Onnazuri: or men, women, & capitalism” is a great animated short by Yusuke Murakami. Beautifully hand-drawn, Yusuke’s character animation is subtle and understated. One has… Read more

Joseph Kosinski: Gears of War

The new Gears of War trailer is noteworthy for several reasons. One, it’s directed by one of my favorite CG-centric filmmakers, Joseph Kosinski, formerly of… Read more

Read the Road

Brand New School, look at em, flexin the arms with a nice campaign for toyota that looks like quite the undertaking. Shot in New Zealand,… Read more

Moving On Up

I apologize for the blatantly non-mograph post, but I wanted to let everyone know that very soon Motionographer will have a new home. For the… Read more

Robot Rumpus

Very impressive reel from Jason at Robot Rumpus.

BUF Renders the Life Aquatic

This imaginative little number from French vfx powerhouse BUF isn’t a new spotâ€â€?in fact, I first saw it several months ago, but for some odd… Read more


Stilt-Walkers by Van Der Haeghe Alexis

Cellphone’s Dead

Cellphone’s Dead by Beck. A new music video directed by Michel Gondry.


Eyebooger – Films by Eric Noren