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For the love of the work

Motionographer is an all-volunteer organization run by professional artists, designers and directors in our spare time. We don’t make any money from the site. We do it because we love it.


Justin Cone, Editor-in-Chief


Despite his undergraduate degree in English, Justin has been working in interactive and motion design for 10 years. While designing web applications for the University of Texas at Austin, he fell in love with motion design, setting himself on the path to eventually earn an MFA in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics from SCAD.  He founded Motionographer in 2006 on the success of its predecessor, Tween. He also co-founded F5 in April of 2009.

Michelle Higa Fox, Assistant Editor

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Michelle Higa Fox started her career in the animation trio Mixtape Club. During that time, Mixtape Club directed videos for Yeasayer and J Dilla, and produced commercials for Google and Showtime. The team won an ADC Young Guns award, a “Best Music Video” award at SXSW, and appearances on “Best of the Year” lists for MTV2 and Since leaving Mixtape Club, Michelle has been working on an interactive public art installation at the Sacramento Airport.


Brandon Lori, Author and Head of Internal Development

Brandon is a designer and animator  based in New York City. His skill-set encompasses both technical and traditional art skills, balancing his knowledge of computer animation with a personal sketchbook where he draws regularly. In addition to his professional work, Brandon heads the internal development of Motionographer and in the future, hopes to teach.

Brandon’s Motionographer Posts


Matt Lambert

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Matt is a Berlin/London-based director (with Friend & Stink Berlin) and artist who has also spent years living and working in LA and NYC. He also acts as head of video for East-London-based art collective, Bare Bones.

Aside from his personal work, he spends time acting as a curator for various film, art and design festivals and speaks at conferences and universities about his own work and current industry trends. He is currently teaching at Hyper Island.


Babe Elliott Baker

Babe’s Motionographer Posts

Elliot Blanchard


Elliot Kealoha Blanchard runs Invisible Light Network. ILN is a multidisciplinary studio involved in broadcast, interactive, and experience-based work. He lives in Brooklyn.

Marcos “Boca” Ceravolo

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Coming out of São Paulo, Brazil, Boca Ceravolo travelled the world designing and animating before settling down as Partner / Head of Design of São Paulo based creative powerhouse CONSULADO.

Angelo Collazo

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God has blessed Angelo Collazo. Angelo is a 2009 graduate of the School of Visual Arts (BFA Compute Art). As an animator and rigger, he has worked on projects such as Psyop’s Michelin Man Tire commercials, Blue Sky Studio’s feature film Rio, and Nick Jr’s TV show Team Umizoomi.

Daniel Coutinho

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Daniel is a Brazilian Designer who graduated from University in 2007. Since then he developed his passion for Motion Graphics, eventually working for major broadcast companies and animation studios in his home country. In 2011 he decided to expand his career and make a move to Los Angeles, where he started the UCLA Design Communication & Arts Extension Program. He’s also been contributing to AIGA LA with his love for the combination of Graphic Design & Animation.

Lilian Darmono

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Lilian is an Animation Art Director and Illustrator, who was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Over the last two decades she has lived in Singapore, then Melbourne, Sydney, and London. She frequently works as part of a duo with her partner Mungo Horey under the name SELF, making adorable yet quirky characters and environments for both motion and ‘static’ pieces. She is obsessed with good food, travelling, podcasts, journalism, cats, and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Jorge R. Canedo Estrada


Born and raised in Bolivia, Jorge R. Canedo Estrada (“Jr.canest”, a lover of music and art; someone who is dependant on God’s grace) was self-taught in the design world until the age of 17, when he won a full scholarship to Vancouver Film School and graduated from their Digital Design program.

He has won awards and international recognition; he believes in audio-driven animation; and he will spend hours creating the perfect curve of animation.

Jon Gorman


Melbourne, Australia native and New York based, Jon is an Art Director, Designer and Animator with Buck.

Brian Gossett

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Brian Michael Gossett lives with his wife Ashley, and dogs Max & Molly, in sunny Santa Monica’s Ocean Park. When they aren’t working they find themselves exploring the world, absorbing culture, art, and nature. These adventures come through in his colorful and multi-cultural inspired art and design. He’s been involved in a wide variety of projects, both small and large, over the past 10 years. When he’s not making stuff for clients for for himself, he keeps busy writing for blogs such as this and Yes Yes Y’all, while also curating his own personal music blog, and occasionally teaching a class at the Art Center College of Art and Design.

Yotam Hadar

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Yotam is a freelance graphic designer currently based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Graduated in 2006 from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. His interests include typography, cats, branding, pizza, technology, art, internet memes and hummus. His work appeared in dozens of publications worldwide, and won several international awards, including a Cube from the Art Directors Club in New York. Yotam taught and teaches design at several leading design school in Israel.

Greg Herman

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Greg is a freelance director and designer who takes his influences from his backgrounds in VFX, motion design, music, and photography.

He currently lives in Black Mountain, NC and draws inspiration for his mountainous surroundings.

Matt Hunter Ross

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Lauren Indovina


Lauren is a Director and Designer at PSYOP NY.

Stephen Kelleher


Stephen Kelleher is a New York-based freelance designer and illustrator who has been working in the field of motion design since 2003.

Fabricio Lima


Fabricio Lima is a designer/director from São Paulo – Brazil. After 11 years working with great studios around the world and living in many different countries, his free time is usually filled with illustrations, filmmaking and traveling (despite his intense fear of flights).

Simon Robson

Simon’s Motionographer posts

Ryan Rothermel


Flying the flannel in sunny Portland Oregon, Ryan runs his small studio Decoy in the heart of the Northwest.

Jake Sargeant

Jake’s Motionographer posts

Igor Sordokhonov

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Originally from the deepest parts of Siberia, Igor is now located in Moscow, working as a freelance designer/animator.

Mate Steinforth

Mate’s Motionographer Posts
Mate’s website

Harm van Zon

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Harm graduated in 2004 at the St. Joost (art academy) in Breda, Netherlands. His graduation film ‘BLOX’ won several prizes, including prize for best student film at the Dutch Film Festival.

After school, he worked as a freelancer for two years with several directors, including Peter Greenaway. In 2006, he was the first addition to the Onesize team, where he still works as an all-round 3D artist. He spends his free time with music (playing and listening), beer drinking and movie watching.

James Wignall

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Fresh Prince Edition:
United Kingdom born and raised
Design and direction is how I spend most of my days
Cutting out, matte-ing, resizing, all tools
And all comping some green screen using keylight rules
With See No Evil I try to do good
Giving something back to my neighborhood
I got one little website to showcase my work there
I’m a Young Guns winner with a balding head of hair

Tyquane Wright

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Tyquane is a vfx technical director at Sony Imageworks. He has a background in motion design, painting, photography, and art history.

About the author

Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.