Faux Images Event (Berlin)

Faux Images II — July 5 at LEAP Berlin (featuring Colors and the Kids, David Kamp and Zeitguised).

Bilar by Pinata

Some lovable quirky characters and lovely environments for this campaign for Finnish lollies “Bilar.”

NYC Mograph Meetup

NYC Mograph Meetup: June 29, 8 p.m. @ Mary O’s (32 Avenue A, New York, NY).

Casey Hupke

Casey Hupke updates with a new reel and new work showcasing his directing, animation, 3D and design talents.

Studio Killers: Ode to the Bouncer

Ode to the Bouncer, a promo for Studio Killers, an electronic music collective comprising Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink. Mildly NSFW. Credits requested. (Thanks,… Read more

Frank Beltrán

Frank Beltran’s reel is full of clever visual tricks. (Thanks, Umy!)

Henry Waltz

The trailer for Henry Waltz, directed by Emil Goodman, looks very intriguing…

Eric Dyer: Cinetrope Mashup

A lyrical cinetrope behind-the-scenes from Eric Dyer of The Bellows March and Copenhagen Cycles fame.

Nifty Fingers for Samsung

New concept? No. Superior execution? Yes. Unleash Your Fingers for Samsung.

Kofoed+Assembly for Freeview

Meet Fergus! From Jonny Kofoed (Assembly) comes Panic Pete’s pliable little cousin in a series for Freeverse. Also, don’t miss Fergus’ development and Jonny’s latest Pams… Read more