Ram Bhat’s Warriors

Ram Bhat re-imagines the 1979 NYC street gang film, Warriors, in this fan trailer set in 1992 Los Angeles. Check out the art, too.

ADC Germany new Animation Category

The german ADC has a new, dedicated category for animation in this year’s awards and the deadline was just extended.

Syndrome takes Pause in Melbourne

Syndrome Studio creates the opening titles for the 2014 Pause Fest in Melbourne, Australia. Executive Producer, Monica Blackburn describes the project as “a dream project… Read more

HUSH: Release 2014

In Release 2014, HUSH gathers 100 vocal “releases” about the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 and translates them into visual forms.

Miwa Matreyek

Animator/performance artist Miwa Matryek incorporates the silhouette of her own body into projections of her lush animations. Having seen her perform at last year’s Vimeo… Read more

See No Evil February

Keep Wednesday February 5th free for the first See No Evil of 2014! Evening of inspiration with the O.G’s of motion design, Mainframe.

Dvein: We Wander

In Dvein’s latest short, “We Wander,” you won’t find CG fluid sims or virtual Rube Goldbergs of visual oddities. Instead, you’ll find haunting visuals of… Read more