Motion Design: 10 Second Survey

Lilian Darmono, Lola Landekic, Victoria Nece and Bran Dougherty-Johnson have put together a quick (10 seconds or less) survey to get a basic sense of… Read more

NYC February Mograph Meetup

The monthly NYC Mograph Meetup is happening Tuesday, February 24th 7pm at a new location: Sullivan Thompson on Bleecker. Full details on the event page. Come join… Read more

Dubai Flow Motion by Rob Whitworth

Rob Whitworth’s “Dubai Flow Motion” is a mind-bendingly complex portrait of one of the world’s most extravagant cities. Combining time-lapse, camera-stabilization and boat loads of 4K footage,… Read more

Tavo: Freedom

Beautiful statement in this in-house project by TAVO.

Off the Record

For her documentary, “Off the Record,” Laura Sans interviewed a wide range of creative professionals — including notable motion folks like Danny Yount and Man… Read more

When creators turn evil, fun ensues

Animade recently released Milo Targett’s “Lido Sim,” a cute, post-modern take on the long tradition of animators toying with their animated creations. The short’s protagonist attempts to… Read more