Psyop: Coke Happiness Factory

Is it possible for these guys to do ONE thing that doesn’t amaze the hell out of us? “Psyop takes an imaginative journey with Wieden… Read more

FAD/Will Hyde: Best Cigarette

Will Hyde of FAD did a fantastic job contributing to Sundance Channel’s charming series of shorts set to poetry from former poet laureate, Billy Collins.… Read more

new Psyop…

Back again, and it seems red is the color lately for psyop. Two new spots, one for Grand Marnier, and one for AAA. Retro stylings… Read more

Garrett Quon Reel 2006

Nando Costa: Defective

Wow, I’m doing some research for a project and I decided to swing by Nando Costa’s site. It’s been a while, and I noticed he… Read more

Spiderman 3 Teaser Trailer!

Loyalkaspar updates

Loyalkaspar did some updating recently with a new reel, and a few new pieces of work. Of particular interest is the 60 second spot for… Read more

Transistor Studios / James Price

Transistor Studios has recently posted a new Coke spot directed by the multi-talented James Price, who has just launched his own personal web presence. The… Read more