JJ&Maithy Sweet’N Low Pt. Deux

Hornet’s JJ&Maithy just released a second, beautifully done Pink Panther spot for Sweet’N Low. I enjoyed the seamless blend of 3D and 2D animation in… Read more

Powers of Ten

X-Wife Ping Pong music video

This company Las Palmas Films did a music video for the band X-Wife. I loved the idea and it’s fantastically executed. Animating graphics on graphic… Read more

1K Studios: Call for Reels

CALL FOR REELS 1K Studios is looking for skilled freelance Designers/Animators to join our team. Qualified candidates should have experience concepting/designing on high-end projects for… Read more

what if…

The kings of typography in motion are back with this great little piece that carries some nice use of typography. Trollback + Co have always… Read more

Zero 7 video by click3x

If we are talking about design, I’d have to say that this video exemplifies two of the best little pieces of advice when it comes… Read more