Julia Pott: Belly

Julia Pott (Hornet) is one of those rarities: an animation director with a unique voice who can actually make you feel something. The common denominator… Read more

Josh Raskin for Google

Many Motionographer readers will no doubt recognise Josh Raskin as director of the Oscar nominated short ‘I met the Walrus’. Personally I’d been wondering what… Read more


FAUX IMAGES is back for it’s sixth installment which brings you DAVID LEWANDOWSKI (LA), CYPHERAUDIO (Toronto) and T.FLEISCH (B). Enjoy the international issue Tuesday, May… Read more

Paying To Work For Free

Last week VFX Soldier exposed a scheme by Digital Domain to offer students at their taxpayer-subsidized university program the opportunity to work for free on… Read more

Cineversity relaunches

Cineversity, the official Cinema 4D training site from Maxon, has relaunched with a new look, new features and loads of new content.

Trent Reznor + Karen O: Immigrant Song

Trent Reznor and Karen O interpet Led Zeppelin’s iconic “Immigrant Song” in this music video, masterminded by the wizards at Blur.

Work/Life: Kids

“Yes, I know I’m supposed to be bathing him tonight, but … Yeah, I know I didn’t bathe him last night either, but tonight we’ve… Read more

Dvein: Eva Main Titles

So delicate, and so slick. Dvein puts together a stunning title sequence for Spanish film director Kike Maíllo’s first feature film, Eva. Go fullscreen on… Read more

Work/Life: From the Comments

Carol Browne Our recent interview with Ash Thorp sparked an intense discussion here and elsewhere on the web that went well beyond Ash’s personal take… Read more

S/M/L from Tendril

S/M/L is proof that hard work for a failed pitch can still lead to amazing results. Kudos to Tendril for going for it even if… Read more

Mara Smalley Updates

Lush blend of illustration and type in the recently updated portfolio of Mara Smalley

FITC Toronto 2011 Titles

Mk12 takes us back in time for the FITC Toronto 2011 titles. Cel animation by T.J. Fuller.

DANIELS: Dogboarding

The Daniels continue down their path as one of my favorite innovators of the past year with their latest film, “Dogboarding.” We can wait to… Read more

PandaPanther for AT&T

PandaPanther creates 3 simple and quirky spots with BBDO for AT&T. I want to take one of these creatures home as a pet. Blown Away… Read more