Ghada Al Khater & Bonjour lab | Jardin de Lumière


From the creator:

For the 2020 edition of La Nuit Blanche de Paris, Bonjour Lab has teamed up with Qatari artist Ghada Al Khater to offer Parisians a unique interactive work of art: a polysensory Persian rug.
While walking around, the audience created a real-time reinterpretation of it from the nature of Qatar growing under their feet, discovered fragrances created for the occasion from unique essential oils and let themselves be immersed in a typical soundscape.
The work of art, a commission in the context of the Year of Culture France Qatar 2020 was produced by Auditoire.

Commisioned by: Auditoire Paris
Brand: Qatar Museum / Year of Culture
Artists: Ghada Al Khater & Bonjour lab
Role: Art Supervision, Real Time Software Development, Sound design
3D Design: Lagoon Studio, Florian Coppier
Interactivity: Nokinomo
A/V Support: Fosphor
Photography: Stephane Aït Ouarab, Julya Baisson