Factory Fifteen: Jonah

Kibwe Tavares’ vision for “Jonah” is a unique one. Though the film is laden with visual effects from Factory Fifteen and Jellyfish Pictures, they are… Read more

Animal – Illusions (part one)

Animal created an interesting mixed media short film. Illusions focuses on imagery that fools the viewer while examining its real world parallels.

Motorville by Patrick Jean

Patrick Jean returns with this thoughtful, clever piece about everyone’s favorite hydrocarbon. Packed with nice little details.

Mischa Rozema’s Stardust

Stardust is PostPanic director Mischa Rozema’s haunting love letter to loss, exploration, and Voyager 1. When I was a kid, I thought that Voyager’s golden… Read more

John Kahrs & Disney: Paperman

Disney’s Oscar-nominated short, Paperman, is now online. Check out itsartmag’s Paperman Breakdown by director John Kahrs. The sexy proprietary software that displaces textures with motion… Read more

Moon Rock by George Dunning

Classic quickie! Check out Moon Rock, a 1970 short film from George Dunning, the director of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. Via io9.

Bastien Belvaux: Arcane

Introducing Bastien Belvaux’s graduate film from the EMCA animation school. Ar·cane /ärˈkān/ adjective Understood by few; mysterious or secret.

Pedro Conti: One More Beer!

This viking has some attitude! Also, check out Pedro Conti’s CG Society Portfolio.  

“Hinode” by Tetsuka Niiyama

A fantastic, meditative piece by Tetsuka Niiyama. Love the conceptual approach of mixing the mineral with the organic.

Apotheosis – Alex Gee and Pujesh Joshi

A superb student film that combines old school graphic elements with a quality design eye and great storytelling.  Definitely a must watch.

GOLEM – Tobias Wiesner

An amazing ambient, mood setting short from Tobias Wiesner.  Some eye catching visuals and subtle comping really bring this piece together.

Julia Pott: The Event

Julia Pott (Hornet) has struck again. “The Event” is an apocalyptic love story based on a Tom Chivers poem by the same name. As in… Read more

Jason Carpenter: The Renter

Do yourself a favor: Stop what you’re doing and, for the next 9 minutes devote your attention to “The Renter,” an animated short by CalArts… Read more

J’aurai Ta Peau

J’aurai Ta Peau: Extremely visceral and atmospheric skin-based piece done by four students from Supinfocom. (Slight Tasteful NSFW Warning!)

Head Over Heels

Nice take on an old theme in this short film by Timothy Reckart.

“Metamorphosis” by Tell No One

A luminous retelling of Titian’s Metamorphosis by Tell No One. Nice performances by Anna Friel and Ed Speleers.

Voile Noir

An intense and technically excellent student film co-directed by ArtFX School students Michael Balthazart, Raphael Gaudin, Clément Granjon de Lépiney and Quentin Sauvinet.

Blik from Polder

A charming and affectionately realized short about a young boy falling in love with the older girl next door. Check it out

Fugu & Tako

Director Ben West and Robot have just released the trailer for the upcoming short Fugu & Tako

Colosse – A Wood Tale

Some months ago we announced the teaser, and now “Colosse – A Wood Tale”, the sweet new short directed by Hornet’s Yves Geleyn, is out. This beautifully handcrafted… Read more