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Lorenzo Fonda: BIFF

Director Lorenzo Fonda came up with a great idea for the Boston Independent Film Festival. He basically recreated the effect of a zoetrope by rolling over blocks of wood with a camera.


Read more about the process behind the Boston IFF trailer on his site. And don’t miss the making-of photos.

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Lifelong Friendship Society: New Work

Lifelong Friendship Society has posted some new video work. (Well, new to me at least.)


Even though they tap into imagery and aesthetics salvaged from the furthest reaches of my childhood memories, LFS always manages to surprise me with their approach to their projects; they don’t settle for simple nostalgia and recycled kitsch. They do something that is somehow simultaneously new and familiar.

And you can tell LFS doesn’t sit in front of a blank comp in AfterEffects waiting for "inspiration" to strike. They get their hands dirty from the get-go, playing with images and sound and concepts like ADD-addled chemists under the influence of a psychedelic rapture from another time.

Watch Scion | Watch Fuse Facelift

As always, check out the Video Bin for some entertaining/interesting/weird work.

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Design for Television

Check out this excellent blog post from A-HAAA about one of the earliest courses in design for television, including scans of some of the original course material. Don’t miss the page on “the abstract commercial.” Very nice.

Thanks for the tip, Shaun.

Friday, April 28th, 2006 | 13 Comments »

BDA Focus Group: May 2nd, Hollywood

Normally, I wouldn’t post this kind of stuff, but since I’m going to be speaking at Promax/BDA this summer, I figured I have an obligation to help out. Here’s a slightly edited chunk of an email I recently received:

“BDA is putting together a focus group that will take place on Tuesday, May 2 from 5:45 PM — 8:00 PM at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, 1755 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles. Sandwiches and refreshments will be served.

In addition to the focus group for BDA members, we are holding a second focus group that evening for junior designers who are not currently BDA members in order to learn what they might look for in a design trade association. That meeting will take place on the same evening from 8:15 to 9:45 PM at the Renaissance Hotel. If there is a junior member of your staff who you think might be interested in attending, please either forward this call or give that person’s contact information.

The group will be led by Steve Seidmon who comes to this endeavor with many years of experience leading media-related research.

If you would like to participate, please contact Linda Antwi at 310.789.1553 or linda@promax.tv.”

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Some nice work from this studio in Chile known as DAf. Very dynamic body langauge, 3D animation, and time-remapped editing (love that glitchy stuff) in their new music video for Kenk… taking the Art of Fencing to a whole new level. Great concept… clean and simple execution. Also enjoyed the tidbits of behind the scene action at the end as well.

(Link found on ventilate)

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 | 3 Comments »