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Archive for March, 2007

Mark Coleran and the Art of Screen Graphics

Reader Michael Kislovsky came across the work of Mark Coleran on mograph.net and passed the link our way.


Mark’s reel shows off an aspect of motion graphics that I’ve always found intriguing: the creation of interface graphics for film and television. Screen graphics often must convey a sense of complexity or (for lack of a better word) “high-techness” while still guiding the viewer’s eye to one or two key visual elements. They also have to convince viewers of something that may be normally impossible, like magnifying a security camera image to such an insane level of detail that you can read the watch on the villain’s wrist. (“Midnight, just before the bomb was detonated. That’s our man!”)

I’d like to do a beefier follow-up post on this, maybe even a feature. Perhaps I’ll interview Mark and some other folks working in this field. If you guys can help me round up studios/individuals that create screen graphics, that’d be great.

For the time being, check out Mark’s impressive body of work.

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