Universal Everything: Audi

Last week I posted Flight404, the work of Robert Hodgin, who uses Processing to create particle systems that respond to music. This week, I’m posting… Read more

Pierre Michel: AVP and Polar 2007

Pierre Michel has recently posted two intense spots, one for AVP and one called Polar 2007. Each uses vfx-powered visuals and water-based tableaux to create… Read more

Paris is burning

Paris is on fire again (the city, not the socialite whore). Every time I turn around there’s another hot track or remix or…. girl and… Read more

Pleix does it again

Unlike Justin, I’m a huge fan of music videos. I think it’s a perfect opportunity for experimentation and a good vehicle for a short story.… Read more

Indivi abound

Here’s a slew of individuals and their sites that that seem to be doing things right. Doug Purver has apparently recently left Stardust to venture… Read more

Brand New School: Footjoy

Brand New School rocks some silky-smooth 3D work in a new spot for Footjoy. I love the live action integration after the product shot. It’s… Read more


The PSST! 2 films are now online. There are nine films, made over a 4 month stretch by 27 different teams with over 70 people… Read more

Robert Hodgin/Flight404

I first happened upon Ben Fry and Casey Reas’ a/v-oriented programming language, Processing, when I attended FITC back in 2005. (I even did a little… Read more

My Happy People

My Happy People, a design and production company created by Guillermo Lecuona and Tera Hollingsworth, is brimming with nice work full of attitude and ambiance.… Read more

The Unsung Art of Screenwashes

About a month before Inspire, we realized we needed something on the screens between presentations and during introductions. “Yeah, like one of those looped animation… Read more