See No Evil August

Tuesday August 14th See No Evil presents an evening the legendary Tomato. Free entry, prizes, and music provided by Hear No Evil. Please note the… Read more

Buck: Flex Alert

Brainchild and Buck LA have come together to develop a beautiful PSA for California’s Flex Alert program. To help guard against power shortages, this campaign… Read more

RIP Chris Marker

If there ever was a “motionographer”, an artist who used film and pen with equal eloquence, it was filmmaker Chris Marker who died today on… Read more

Desmond Leung

Yes, yes, ink transitions are all very 2005, but Desmond Leung’s work reminds me of how beautiful natural patterns can be. Working with particle simulators… Read more

Rogues Gallery : Hawken Web Trailer is a new VFX outfit in the South Pasadena area, formed by Creative Director Charles Paek and Executive Producer Brian Wee. Specializing in photo-real… Read more

1st Avenue Machine: Google Fiber

1st Avenue Machine’s Ben Steiger Levine and Aaron Duffy have created this cute spot for the introduction of Google Fiber. This “car” film takes us through the… Read more

Head Over Heels

Nice take on an old theme in this short film by Timothy Reckart.

Julia Pott: Belly

Julia Pott (Hornet) is one of those rarities: an animation director with a unique voice who can actually make you feel something. The common denominator… Read more

How Animation Works

If you’ve ever been curious, New Zealand-based Cirkus explains in irony-laden detail how the commercial 3D animation process works. It’s so simple, even an idiot… Read more

I like to make things

Nathan Boey likes to make things and he makes them good. for more work

Mustang Customizer 2013 by Pluto

Smooth animation and great design help you to customize your new Mustang. Made at Pluto.  Thanks for the tip, Colin.