Studio B: Adobe CS6

Check out Studio B Film’s beautiful spot promoting Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud. UPDATE: One section used in this promo is a spot created by… Read more

Rebecca Manley: Duck Shoot

Boardwalk games are awesome! Duck Shoot is Rebecca Manley’s beautifully executed stop-motion short. And, it’s created almost entirely with recycled cardboard. One person’s trash is another… Read more

2 MoGraph Pieces

Check out Tendril’s latest animated info-graphic video for the experts in content management, OpenText.   111Eye, a Malaysian post production house, rebrands the Malaysian video portal,… Read more

CRCR: Lowdi

  Lowdi, created by French animation collective, CRCR.

Bastien Belvaux: Arcane

Introducing Bastien Belvaux’s graduate film from the EMCA animation school. Ar·cane /ärˈkān/ adjective Understood by few; mysterious or secret.

Buck: Ginger Grouse

The magicians at Buck never cease to amaze me. Check out this spot for Ginger Grouse’s ginger beer.

Fleur & Manu for M83

Fleur & Manu complete their trilogy for M83 with this spectacular mystic masterpiece. And to recap – here are the previous two:

Greg Gunn: Core Values

Greg Gunn has created a series of cute animations which document the adventures of a red circle and blue rectangle. These eleven business principles, called Core… Read more

Macro: A Neon Christmas

Get ready for the flood of holiday-inspired shorts. This one from Neon stands apart, though. No Santa. No reindeer. Not even a Christmas tree. Instead,… Read more

Pedro Conti: One More Beer!

This viking has some attitude! Also, check out Pedro Conti’s CG Society Portfolio.  

Syndrome Studio gets radioactive

Syndrome Studio gets radioactive with this new production of Imagine Dragons. As Monica Blackburn puts it: “who doesn’t like puppets and Lou Diamond Philips??”

The Sound of LUX, OBEN

Amazing student work continues to pour out of French animation schools – this time from EMCA. (Above) Juliette Oberndorfer creates an entrancing, enigmatic story in… Read more

Mike Tosetto: Ausflag

Is it time to change the Australian flag? This piece by Mike Tosetto is cute, quick, and well researched. (Funny enough, this past Sunday, an Australian preacher… Read more

One Day on Earth / 12.12.12

By the time this post goes live, One Day on Earth’s third installment will have begun somewhere on this crazy planet of ours. On December… Read more