Le Mob: Stopover

The amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into Neil Stubbings’, of LeMob, “Stopover” must have made it one sloppily wet studio to walk… Read more

Edmond Was a Donkey

From Director Franck Dion, a unique and moving story about a man in search of himself. Process and more at the project site. Credits Written, Designed,… Read more

Shilo: Winning the War

Watch “The War” Hand-drawn storyboards Shots from the blue screen shoot Style frames Stills from the finished product Motionographer’s Jon Saunders interviewed Andre Stringer and… Read more

Interview: Garson Yu of yU+co

“300” main-on-end titles Storyboards for “300” main-on-end titles Animatic for “300” sequence “Bee Movie” end credit sequence Storyboards for “Bee Movie” end credit sequence “Enchanted”… Read more

Matthias Hoegg: Thursday

Matthias Hoegg recently joined us to answer some questions about his short film, Thursday. It’s an everyday love story in the not so distant future,… Read more

Big Lazy Robot on the Keloid trailer

We recently Quickied Keloid, a stunning trailer for an as-yet-unrealized film that the wizards at Barcelona-based Big Lazy Robot hope to produce someday. BLR’s director, J.J.… Read more

Antibody: Tom Clancy’s Division

Sydney-based Patrick Clair has made a name for himself pushing visual communication to the next level. His infographic dissecting the nature and ramifications of Stuxnet… Read more