Amsterdam DNA revisited

There has been a surge of motion media on the museum-going experience as of late — which will be elaborated on in a later post… Read more

Fido’s Energy Giant

Swedish Animation Studio Fido flexes their muscles to animate this story about building the sustainable future for RWE. Together with German agency Jung von Matt,… Read more

Artist Profile: Graham Elliott

Everyone finds their own way into the ever-expanding house of motion design. Side doors, back doors, parachuting onto the roof — it seems any entrance… Read more

ANNY: Ukiyo-e

QuickTime Version I’m always curious about Japanese motion graphics studios. I know so little about how Asian studios in general are set up, and yet… Read more

Blood Trail Interview

[qt: 720 405] Storyboards and Development Check out the storyboards and some making-of imagery behind this epic project. Interview The following is an interview with the… Read more

yU+co: Cirque du Freak Titles

[qt: 720 405] Interview with Motionographer’s Brandon Lori: How hands-on was Paul Weitz, director of Cirque du Freak, in the creation of the main title,… Read more

Dash Studio: The Origin Story

Typically a trip to the City meant late nights, dollar pizza, and a few hangovers, but this time felt a little different; this visit had… Read more

Virtual reality is not filmmaking

Let’s agree on something: 360-degree video presented inside a virtual reality headset isn’t really virtual reality. It’s a novel, sometimes powerful experience, but it’s not what makes VR arguably the most… Read more

Much Better Now

The studio Salon Alpin (Portugal) has recently released this fantastic in-house piece called Much Better Now. In their words: Much Better Now is an independent… Read more

Welcome to the Industry Feed

Welcome to Motionographer’s new Industry feed. In this area, you’ll find news about: new studios and new hires technology announcements relevant business deals and budding… Read more