Interview: Troika Design Group

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Paraiso Travel End Titles

Credit sequences are becoming more of a norm in feature films, whether it be just a stylistic exploration that is done in the Harry Potter… Read more

Chatting with The Action Cats

“The Experiment” by The Action Cats Storyboards for “The Experiment” Animatic for “The Experiment” Stop-motion experiments and source footage Back in April, when Adobe and… Read more

Blind’s Heart of Stone

[qt: 640 360] How did this second collaboration between Blind and The Raveonettes come about and were there any differences this time around in the… Read more

Hush for Marsh

Hush Studios delivers again with a beautiful piece for Marsh. A gorgeously minimal design paired with great animation make this a real treat. Director Jodi… Read more

The Games We Play Q&A

Watch Moto Watch Running Watch Fitness Watch Golf Questions: What was your process like at the concepting stage? Your films require the viewer to connect-the-dots… Read more

Prologue for Robin Hood

Prologue’s treatment for Robin Hood is a study in patient analogue work. Ridley Scott called on the studio create Legends to open the film as… Read more

I, Pet Goat II

The Canadian studio Heliofant has crafted the breathtaking piece “I, Pet Goat II” which features some spectacular visuals through use of amazing lighting and shading. … Read more

Profile: Tom Rainford

For the first in our Profile series, Motionographer's Joe Donaldson chats with UK-based Tom Rainford about his unique approach to the industry.

The Sentinel

Set in a world where even gravity is broken, up and coming LA-based studio, Boketto, is off to a great start with this haunting trailer… Read more

Understanding Patrick Clair

Ever wonder what makes Patrick Clair’s work so darn good? Nol Honig sits down with the Emmy Award-winning title designer to find out. Hint: it’s… Read more

Reach Out

Reach Out is an interesting new PSA campaign by the Ad Council through DDB New York that attempts to raise awareness of teen suicide prevention… Read more