Mass Animation: A Guest Rebuttal

Back in July, I scribbled out a diatribe against Mass Animation, a Facebook-supported competition to create a CG short film by crowd-sourcing the animation to… Read more

Psyop: In-Depth with Tony Barbieri

This interview with Technical Director and Project Lead Tony Barbieri is part of a three-part series that goes deep behind the scenes with Psyop regarding their… Read more

Shape Shifter

[qt: 960 540] Interview with Director Alex Weil First of all, would you talk a little bit about yourself, your background and your current position… Read more

Work/Life: From the Comments

Carol Browne Our recent interview with Ash Thorp sparked an intense discussion here and elsewhere on the web that went well beyond Ash’s personal take… Read more

SPECTRUM: Yussef Cole

For this month's SPECTRUM profile, we talked with Bronx-based motion designer Yussef Cole about experimentation, critical thinking and questioning meritocracy.

Capacity: “Upgrade + Mobilize” Q&A

Click to watch “Upgrade + Mobilize” on Capacity’s site. Upgrade + Mobilize In the words of Capacity’s Ellerey Gave, “Before we became designers and animators… Read more

Fx & Mat: Coke “Siege”

Artistically, what was the inspiration behind Coke Siege? Our intention was to make an epic film using the codes of the fantasy world. As illustrators… Read more

David Prosser: Matter Fisher

David Prosser‘s short film, Matter Fisher, makes it’s online debut this week as the winner of Short of the Week‘s Great Film Competition. It’s a… Read more

Moth Collective: WWF Cursor Swarm

Moth is a London-based animation and illustration collective set up by three graduates of the Royal College of Art – David Prosser, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, and… Read more

Nike Football: The Last Game

Jon Saunders (formerly of Psyop, now at Passion Pictures) directs this action-packed 5-minute short for Nike, featuring the likenesses of Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Zlatan… Read more

Aardman Nathan Love is born

If you’ve been following the infectious teasers released earlier this month from Nathan Love, you know that they’ve been holding back some news. Today, the news… Read more

Daniel Savage: Helium Harvey

Not sold on the idea of going back to school? Neither was Daniel Savage. The NYC-based designer/director just released his animated short, “Helium Harvey,” a… Read more

Gunner + Blend = 🔥

Every so often, the stars collide. This time those stars are the indelible team behind Gunner and the ever-popular Blend Fest!