Another Nightmarish Tale from Adam Berg

Coming off of an amazing 2009, with his Philip’s Carousel piece, Adam Berg continues to deliver aggressively cinematic narratives with Jordan Brand’s “Nightmare”. Similar to… Read more

Alan & Adam March Through Your Head

Alan Poon and Adam Makarenko directed this recent, stop-motion music video for Zues, “Marching Through Your Head”. For Alan, this is an appropriate follow-up to… Read more

Nolan’s Cheddar

Director and animatronics mega talent, John Nolan, brings us “Nolan’s Cheddar”, a suspense story. Note to the fainthearted: Stick with it; it’s seriously strong.

Blue Source & A52 Crew for LEGO

Directing duo, Blue Source, recently teamed up with the crew at A52/Rock Paper Scissors to deliver this short film for Lego entitled, “Lego Click Community”… Read more

The Games We Play

Director Jared Eberhardt has just made these four lovely new films for Puma, combining playful live-action with a fully illustrated set that National Forest collaborated… Read more

Dvein: Website Update

We meet again: Dvein is back with some new work and a hot new reel.

Rupert & Asylum Drop Droids

Verizon literally goes to war with its touch-screen competitors in this new spot for Droid. Brought to you by “author of epicness,” Rupert Sanders and… Read more

The Iraqi Oil Minister

The Iraqi Oil Minister + interview with Mato Atom about this project, here: